MUNYÉ is a Dutch based, streetwear label established by Dutch designer, Omar Munie. Having fled as nine-year-old boy from civil war in Somalia, Omar has overcome the odds to create a leading fashion business in the Netherlands.

The family name MUNYÉ tributes to founder and creative director's Somali-African Heritage. Omar often wonders what it would have been like in Mogadishu, Somalia, his birth place, if there was no war; How would his home town prosper? What colors and clothing would people wear? What styles would they incorporate in their daily lives?

The collections of MUNYÉ evokes the emotion of an authentic connection to streetwear, deep
understanding of design and ability to reinterpret heritage.

Inspired by the designer's own journey, the collections of MUNYÉ consists of youthful styles and nostalgia synonymous.

The brand focusses on two main collections a year, for both men and women.

"We owe it to ourselves, our origins. We owe it to the culture"